Thank you for looking at my profile. Rather than my Curriculum, which you will find on the left-hand side of this page, it's my personnality I want to talk about.

As a middle school student, as high school student and today as an undergraduate, I have always liked challenges. Challenges in terms of work results but also personnal challenges. I have always been dynamic, sociable and eager to make new experiences, always trying to impulse movement and create a group spirit in the different classes, associations and societies i was engaged in.

I am completely independent but also a team player: I used to play tennis at a high level but I switched to playing competitions in doubles for the extra thrill of winning as a team. If I were to describe my working qualities, I would say I am Hard-working, Organized and a quick learner.

I am also open to the world and its varied influences, having been fortunate to travel to several regions of the world such as China, India, Cuba or Uzbekistan. Studying in a very international university has also been a very culturally enriching experience.

I am interested in a variety of subjects, which go from entrepreneurship to philosophy, from sport to current national and International affairs.

I would say that my main characteristic is my passion : when something interest me, I fully invest myself in it and I try to transmit my passion to others, because ultimately sharing your personnality with others is what really matters.